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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Next Step

For the past three years I have been working two jobs, administrator for the church and one to one support to a school boy. As the boy will be moving up a school in September that job will come to an end in July. My daughter has been telling me to set up an Esty shop and bought me the books below for my birthday, they are great, one all about setting up an Esty shop, one about how to take photo's on on line creations and the third is about how to sell crafts globally and on line. So watch this space, hopefully I will have an Etsy shop set up by September!
While returning from Petersham Nurseries near Richmond I stopped to visit this great patchwork shop, Tikki Patchwork and bought myself a lovely bundle of fat quarters.


Annabelle said...

So sad to miss you at Petersham Nurseries (not far from home) - I so love going there. Looking forward to your Etsy shop.

Peg said...

A new adventure! Good luck - looking forward to seeing your shop up and running!

Flying Blind... said...

Good luck!
I assume Tikki has recovered from the Friday night Retreat shoppers last week!

lindsey said...

we should have a get together at Petersham...when I am free from Grandchildren :)