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Sunday, 31 August 2008

We made a couple of trips to Bill's while on holiday in Sussex, once in Lewis and once in Brighton

Holiday in Devon with our Granddaughters

We had a great day out on Andy & Amy's wedding anniversary... beginning at Avon Mill near Kingsbridge, Primrose & Maggie paddled in puddles and the bird bath with Grandpa and played with the water features.

We then went swimming at Kingsbridge pool

Followed by paddling and tea on the beach at Bigbury on Sea

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Project waiting

Some time back my daughter brought some African panels back for me to use to make her a quilt, thankfully I didn't start it as last time they were home she brought these embroidered squares to add into the quilt. They have been made by local people to raise awareness of HIV/Aids. I still haven't started my son's wedding quilt ..and it won't be done in time for the wedding (5th Sept) as we are moving house 3 weeks later and are in the process of sorting and packing.The good news is that the new house which is about 60 miles from here has enough space for a sewing room!!!

South African Embroidery