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Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Both my daughters like me to knit dishcloths for them. They can also be used as face flannels. For the plain cloths in this pile I have used Sirdar Sinply Recycle yarn, this is made mostly from recycled cotton with some acrylic added and knits up really nicely. 


This little baby hat was made in Debbie Bliss Eco baby fair trade organic cotton yarn again this also knits beautifully. For this hat as well as the baby jacket in my previous post, I used patterns from the book below. It contains some lovely baby patterns and I plan on making some more hats using the recycled yarn in the bottom photo. I also have a fair bit of quilting to get on with, but hand quilting in warm weather isn't great! So I think I will stick to knitting for now :)




Tuesday, 8 July 2014


The twins and their brother are on holiday in Berlin at the moment so I have taken the top three photos from my daughters IG account. The girls are wearing the skirts I blogged about in my previous post and the bottom photo is taken from my other daughters IG account of Lilhle wearing the outfit I made for him and lying on his quilt that I made a while back. 

There is still no news on his future, my daughter and her husband would love to adopt him and are praying for a way forward with this. I'm just hanging in there thinking I would love for him to be my grandson but at the same time praying for Gods will to be done.

If you have a minute check out my daughter new blog where she writes about her shelter work 





Saturday, 28 June 2014

I've spent a lot of this week making clothes for etsy, for my grandchildren and for my new great nephew.  I do enjoy making small clothes :)

But I really need to get back to my quilts, my Liberty quilt needs handquilting and my eldest son has asked for a  new quilt and so I plan on getting it done by his birthday at the end of August...that's the plan!


The twins love to wear skirts but can be fussy with their fabric choice. The right hand skirt below is made of vintage Laura Ashley fabric, it looks red in the photo but is actually deep pink. My daughter reminded me that I made her a skirt with wide elastic at the waist from the same fabric (I've had it years) and would I make the same for the girls. I only had enough for one skirt and so used a Liberty fabric for the other one. I had some denim and made the bottom two skirts from that...let's see if they are happy with them ;)

My daughter in SA still has baby Lilhe living with them...they are really hoping to adopt him. She asked if I would make some trousers for him, I lined these with some lovely soft vintage winsiette that I had in my stash. The weather is chilly over there at the moment. I also knitted hi. His little jacket and hat and can't wait to see him wearing them all :)

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Wales visit

We have just come back from two days at our cottage in Wales, the weather was beautiful and the drive over there never ceases to take my breath away when I see the views and countryside

Hang gliders enjoying the sunshine....don't think I will be trying this activity

This is taken from the new by-pass running parallel to our road which used to be busy until the new road was built

This is our road, the cottage is down around that bend

I got some more painting done in the main bedroom, the whole cottage was painted in two colours, creamy pink walls and mushroomy pink woodwork. We are painting the whole place in white but it is taking a while to cover those old colours, this ceiling was already painted which made it a bit easier than painting over the pine tongue and groove that was there originally. The windows took a bit of time but look good now they are white


This is the bathroom window that looks out of the side of the cottage, there was pine tongue and groove on two walls and ceiling which I painted white and now looks so much better

A local carpenter came and fitted the new stable door which opens into the boot room, he also delivered a trailer full of logs for the log burner..... 

And then helped my hubby fit this oak mantle over the fire was far too heavy for me to hold up!

Hubby put up some more wall cupboards and shelves in the kitchen, plumbed in the washing machine and put up a few tiles to see what they will look like

He also put down some oak flooring in the back bedroom, we bought a single bed with another one underneath so plenty of beds for guests to visit 


We then hung up our ladders and headed back home for hubby to finish his sermon prep for church today...very tired but also very satisfied that we managed to get so much work done :)

Monday, 16 June 2014

pretty skirts for little girls

We took a day trip to Marlow last week. I hadn't gone planning to buy fabric ;) but pooped into and bought some fabric to make a couple of little skirts for my etsy shop. I haven't put skirts in the shop before so we will see if they sell or not. 

Both of these fabrics are by Lewis & Irene, the red is called Timsbury Lane and the blue is Dulce Brasil. Both were lovely to sew with and  I will probably  buy some more from the lady sew and sew website.
 I made the red skirt first and had bought some elastic which is wider than I usually use and what a pain it was, kept folding in half as I threaded it through the waist band so I reverted to the slightly narrower one for the blue skirt which threaded and stayed flat.

Live and learn!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

table runners

I bought these beautiful pieces of vintage French linen some time ago, the patterned pieces are rectangular in shape and the plane piece was square. I thought how lovely they would look made up as table runners with the plain piece on the back but I knew that the coloured piece wouldn't go with the decor in our home. Back then we didn't have any idea that we would be able to buy our cottage in Wales and that they would look perfect in that setting and on the lovely Ercol table and chairs that we have bought to use there. 

The table and chairs were finished I a dark varnish, my husband has sanded the table top and painted it in grey like the one in the bottom photo, two chairs are also painted and we have two more chairs like these and two with arms to paint before the set is finished. 

I have made up the runners, the plain piece was exactly the right size to back them both and I think they will look great against the beautiful beech table top.





Friday, 6 June 2014

Twins Dresses

When the twins were younger my daughter bought a little dress from a charity shop which had a two layered skirt. They loved this dress and wore it until they could no longer squeeze into it. So my daughter asked if I could make them bigger dresses in the same style. 

I had found this pattern some time back in a charity shop and had used part of it to make their princess dresses for Christmas. I knew the pattern was a little too big for them and as I said in my last post,  I often find it hard to make them clothes being so far away and not being able to try them for size as I go along. The beauty of making two identical items is that second time round You can learn from the mistakes of the first!

So I used this pattern and added extra layers of skirts as requested. The girls are very precise about what colours and style fabrics they would like, Primrose wanted narrow pink stripes going vertically down the dress, Maggie wanted wider pink stripes going horizontal across the dress! 

I decided that horizontal stripes just wouldn't look right and so made them both vertical. 

I completed them and mailed them down to Devon, apparently the girls love them...phew :) I think they probably could do with some darts being put in them and so maybe on my next trip down to see them I could add these to make them fit better around the top.