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Sunday, 17 May 2015


I've just noticed it's been over two weeks since I last posted. As I said last time we have a new grandson, sweet little Eugene. Here he is below, he's doing really well, feeding and putting on weight. He will need a couple more ops but thankfully they live near some of the best hospitals in the world. They are getting great support and all doing really well.

The bluebells near us have been amazing this year, infant all the blooms that are out at the moment are fabulous. 

The week before last, I had a call from my daughter in Devon, her and the children were all unwell so I jumped on the train and went down to stay for a few days to help out. The beautiful view is from their sitting room window and looks across Dartmoor. Thankfully they all recovered and Gilby managed to set up a little library game :)

Friday was my birthday, I had a great day. We walked the dog and had coffee out in the morning. Then got the train into London, met up with our eldest son for lunch and a walk around Islington, I came across two great shops, Ray Stitch and Loop London, for sewing and knitting. We then went to visit Eugene and his mummy and daddy, it was also our daughter in laws birthday so we shared gifts and cake :) and had lots of cuddles with Eugen before we travelled to Leicester Square to see the Carole King Musical which was probably the best show we have seen. I've been catching up with all your lovely blogs and will try to keep mine a little more up to date! 

Saturday, 2 May 2015

New Grandson


I love making for my grandchildren, these are a few of the items I have made for our new grandson who was born eleven days ago at 38 weeks, he is beautiful. He's had a rough start to life and will need some long term support but is doing so well and due to leave hospital tomorrow. We are all over the moon in love with him, his parents are doing amazingly and are the perfect parents God could have blessed little Eugene with. We thank God for His wonderful gift to our family. 

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Merchant & Mills The Top #64

For Christmas a couple of years back my daughter bought me this Merchant & Mills pattern, in the past when I have bought their patterns online they have arrived in a cardboard tube and the pattern pieces are made of card, you can read of my previous M & M patterns here

The designs are beautiful and their shop and website sell fantastic fabrics and haberdashery items. 
For Mother's Day my daughter gave me a voucher for Cloth House, a really quaint fabric shop in London, where I bought this spotty Indian fabric to make the top. 

I know I have made a mistake around the neck as my interfacing was too short so I added a bit in and although the neck is wider than it should be, it looks ok and I'm really pleased with the result. 

Next time I will buy some thicker fabric and make a shirt for the winter, hopefully I will get it right then!

 I have found a really helpful blog on they have made this same pattern and have written a review on it and now I know I have to figure out the sleeve part of the pattern correctly to get the neck right :)


Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Summer Tops

I bought this beautiful vintage seersucker fabric some time back from a charity shop. There was at least two metres of each colour, the light colour is actually white not pink as it looks in the top photo.
I knew at some point I would find a purpose for it. 

So when I came across this lovely pattern on I knew the fabric would be perfect. Of course I would have to run that past a couple of little girls first :)

The pattern is for a dress or top depending on the age of the child, so I made tops for the twins. I haven't seen them wearing them yet but hope to get a photo soon.

I used French seams all around, made the bias binding with one of those little gadgets and hand smocked the top.

The pattern was so simple and clear to understand and the fabric was great to work with. 





Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Red Oak Quilts

I love making these quilts with linen and handquilting them with sashiko thread, apart from the ease of cutting and sewing the actual making up of this design is so quick!

The quilt photo which is taken outside actually shows the true colours better than my last post, the blue is more of a teal than blue.

I decided to leave a bigger gap between the quilting which added to the speed of finishing the quilt

I have also chosen a new name for my quilts as they don't really fit in with my etsy shop which is mainly for children's items. 

I quite like using names from nature and so chose Red Oak Quilts, I love the leaf shape of the Red Oak tree. As I find it so hard to find the right labels I decided to have a rubber stamp made and then stamp my own labels on to fabric with fabric ink and then sealing them with an iron. I'm not sure how long these labels will last but as quilts are not washed too often I am hoping the ink won't fade too much



Thursday, 19 March 2015

another star quilt on the go

I have started another star quilt made from the Irish linen that my son gave me from one of his photo shoots
I love working with this fabric and am using colours that I would never usually choose which I think is always a good be given something other than what I would usually use makes me think more outside the box.
The cutting out and piecing together of the quilt top takes only a little time, I could put together the whole quilt in a day and then take time to hand quilt the layers. 
I'm really enjoying using the Sashiko thread, it stitches so well through the layers using a long Sashiko needle.

This quilt is smaller than the blue and red quilt that I made for my son (featured a few posts back) and would be ideal for a child or on the sofa

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Mothers Day UK

Mothers Day is  a time of mixed feelings for me, I miss my mother and MIL so much and am so thankful for all that they were to us and our family. I also miss seeing my daughters but know that they are celebrating their own mothers day with their children, those in SA celebrate the day on the same date as those in USA. On Saturday we took a trip into London to meet up with our sons and DIL and enjoyed a lovely brunch together. 


I was sent this photo for Mothers Day all the way from SA (thank goodness for 'whatsapp')
Joe and Jesse are i the centre, our adopted grandsons, baby Hudson has been with our daughter and SIL for over twelve months now, we are praying that there will be an adoption in the near future. The two girls are living in a children's home at the moment and sped time with our daughters family, they would love to adopt them too at some time.
I received beautiful hand drawn cards from the munchkins below :)

Gilby Skipp

Primrose & Maggie
They look different in this photo but they really arent!