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Tuesday, 29 October 2013


A few weeks back I re branded my etsy shop, my daughter chose the name and a friend designed the logo and banner. Since this rebrand my viewers have gone up and so have my sales.
Below are a few recent sales. The two baby bibs were a custom order for Liberty fabric bibs. Today I have made two more children's aprons to keep my stock up. I will post them later.
 I also have an etsy shop selling pottery, I have been making sales from this shop too so I am pretty excited!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

birthday makes

I have been knitting two little gilets for the twins birthday. They will be 6 in November. I have used a Wendy pattern and shimmer yarn which I have never used before...not too difficult to use unless you drop a stitch! The scarves are made from another fancy yarn that I picked up in a charity shop. Both yarns are soft and fluffy and so hopefully the girls will like wearing them. They are a bit fussy when it come to textures against their skin...take after their grandma. The bottom two photos were taken on their first birthday. I can't believe how much they have changed :)



Sunday, 20 October 2013

Italy part 2

I seem to have had no time at all to read blogs or update mine....not sure why I have been so busy but there it is. Here are a few more photo's from our trip to Italy. Hopefully over the next week I will be able to catch up on reading some of your posts and also get into some sewing etc. 
While away I made some sales in my pottery etsy shop and and one on my new rebranded children's products. I have also had a custom order for two Liberty bibs! 

Sunday, 13 October 2013


We returned from our holiday in Tuscany, Italy last night. We had a great time, I haven't had time to get my photo's off my camera yet so I will post some more when I do. 
The weather was perfect for sight seeing, warm and sunny by day and dramatic storms by night. Our accommodation was wonderful, traditionally Italian and set in amazing countryside near a town called San Gimignano.

Our part of the villa
The following three photos are of the panoramic view from our villa

Breakfast on the patio

A view from the medieval town of San Gimignano

And evening stroll around the town

Thursday, 3 October 2013

taking a short trip

We live in a small market town 35 minutes north of London by train. We have a pretty high street, a canal and a ruined castle all just minutes walk from our house. We also have lovely walks nearby. Ahridge Estate is one of our favourite places to walk and yesterday we we were excited to find all these  wonderful looking fungi. We are blessed!

On Saturday we are off to Tuscany for 7 nights, staying in an apartment in a villa, we are really looking forward to it and will post some photo's on our return.

Have a great week!