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Saturday, 23 November 2013


Fridays is our day off and we always try to get out of the house if only for a short walk, yesterday we went to our favourite close by place, Ashridge. Where we walked then had lunch in the lovely outdoor cafe. Although it was chilly the sun shine and the walk was refreshing. I then got started on a baby quilt made from Moda Pezzy Print fabrics. I had a pack of pre cut squares making the task nice and quick, I will hopefully get the layers put together on Monday. 
Have a great Sunday!


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

montessori apron

These little Montessori styled aprons appear to be the most popular items in my etsy shop at the moment. I have just sold this one that I upcycled from a vintage tablecloth. It had clearly never been used as a table cloth and the fabric is like new. The pattern is a lovely simple and quick to make design and as it is backed with fabric it is easier than having to turn in the edges and then stitch. 

I think I will make some bigger sizes too and also maybe have them reversible with a different patterned fabric on the reverse rather than plain white.




Sunday, 17 November 2013

sixth birthday

I have just returned from a few days in Devon for the twins birthday, Grandpa joined us in time for the party :) they had asked for remote controlled skateboarding dogs!! And Daddy also bought them a skateboard each. (Daddy skateboards too)
We went out for dinner on their birthday to The Oyster Shack which is a favourite eating place for birthdays and then the party was on Saturday. Smurfs were the theme and Mummy excelled herself with wonderful eating delights and special games ending up with all the excited little children toasting marshmallows out on the deck.

It was their turn to bring home the class meer cat for the week so he joined us for dinner

The Oyster Shack

Uncle Ben sent Gilby a Garfield with the girls gifts....pretty chuffed!




Mummy makes wonderful cakes

Burst balloons around the glass jars to make the elderflower drink look blue :)


Primrose dressed as Smurfette

I'm not well up on scurf characters and can't remember who Maggie was but she is standing on the blue and white paper bags on the 6th photo down :)

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

baby quilt

I have just completed this little baby quilt for my etsy shop. The fabric is beautiful, supplied by Oakshott. The shot cotton is ethically sourced by Oakshott from master weavers along the Malabar coast of South West India. This quilt is made from their Lakes series of colours. I backed the quilt with a white vintage cotton bed sheet and I have hand quilted it with grey quilting thread.

Check out Oakshott's website

Friday, 1 November 2013

weekend visitors

We had these three little guys and their parents to visit for three nights last weekend. Gilby and Mummy and Daddy went into London on Saturday to catch up with our two sons and our daughter in law, Grandpa had a prior arrangement so I got to take the twins out to Ashridge for a scoot/walk and lunch in the lovely out door cafe. 
Maggie (second photo below) is quite the thinker and at the beginning of the walk explained to me that if she had a piece of cake first it would help boost her energy, I explained that the cafe was actually at the end of the walk so a little later she thought that probably if she had three legs the walk would be that much easier :)