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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

montessori apron

These little Montessori styled aprons appear to be the most popular items in my etsy shop at the moment. I have just sold this one that I upcycled from a vintage tablecloth. It had clearly never been used as a table cloth and the fabric is like new. The pattern is a lovely simple and quick to make design and as it is backed with fabric it is easier than having to turn in the edges and then stitch. 

I think I will make some bigger sizes too and also maybe have them reversible with a different patterned fabric on the reverse rather than plain white.





Flying Blind... said...

Cute, and practical - I like!

jill said...

So cute, and I love how you were able to reuse the tablecloth. I find them and flat sheets that never appear to have been used either. That, amazes me.
blessings, jill

Stephanie said...

Adorable and you'd never know it was a table cloth in it's former life! Love the plaid.