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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Advent Calendar

I have made fabric Advent calendars for all our children, some from printed panels and one from scratch. Friends of our son and daughter in law saw theirs and requested one for themselves. They have been out in South Africa working with my daughter and son in law and will be home at Christmas. So I made the calendar below for their return. The night time photo's look a bit orange but you get the idea. The panels are a bit fiddly to turn in the edges and sew, I added wadding and backing and finished with hand quilting

This lovely fabric below is brushed cotton and bought from If you haven't visited their site, take a look they gave great service.
I will be using the fabric to make Christmas trousers for Gilby!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Christmas Decorations

Next week our church is holding a Christmas Market to sell preserves, handmade decorations etc to raise money for our oversea missionaries. I have been making some felt baubles to hang on the Christmas tree. 

Monday, 28 November 2011

Christmas Shawls

Last Christmas I crocheted a little shawl for my Mother, she loves it and wears it all the time. So when I came across a pattern I decided to make her a couple more for this Christmas.  

Saturday, 26 November 2011

First Christmas Stocking

Gilby requested a patchwork stocking for Christmas. So I used scraps left over from his baby quilt. Joined them together, backed with calico and quilted with the machine. I hope he is happy with it!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

COP17.....Street Kids

A street child. File photo.

At this time  COP17 climate change talks, are taking place in Durban, South Africa. I had never heard of COP17 until my daughter mentioned it. This is what I have found about it....
'Essentially it is a political meeting; a negotiating forum. Most world governments have accepted the scientific evidence that global warming is happening, mainly as a result of humans burning fossil fuels that produce greenhouse gases. COP17 is the 17th annual meeting when world governments get together to negotiate tackling climate change. COP stands for Conference of the Parties, the parties being the 195 nations that signed the United Nations Convention on Climate Change.'
I am sure this is interesting to some...but at this moment my thoughts are on something else that my daughter has told me about that is going on in Durban as a result of this conference.
Street children, some very young, who have found themselves orphaned or abandoned or who have simply run away from a life of horror, have now been 'kidnapped' by the police, driven out into the bush and left there. Why? Below is a quote from a SA newspaper which will explain.
'The paper quoted the city's metro police spokesman Eugene Msomi saying all begging streetchildren and adults would be rounded up because they mugged tourists.
"We often remove them from the streets when there are big events like the World Cup and major conferences, because some of them mug tourists and damage the image of the country," he said."You find that tourists are unfamiliar with the area and would be intimidated and even mugged by these street beggars."The United Nations Climate Change conference (COP17) will be held at Durban's Inkosi Albert Luthuli convention centre from November 28 to December 9. The conference is expected to attract 20 000 delegates.'
When ever my daughter is able, she drives down to the city and visits a homeless shelter. She said many of the children who live there have been taken away and this happens each time something big happens in the city. She posted about this on Facebook and her friend in Denmark who said the COP17 is huge in her country, contacted the News program who in turn called my daughter in SA and interviewed her live on the radio today. Hopefully this will bring to light what is happening. What is the point in being concerned about the environment if we cant show love and concern for those for whom it was created ?

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Christmas Gifts

Last Christmas I knitted hats for my great nieces and nephews, this year I have crocheted scarves. I have added flowers for the girls and tassels for the boys.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Snoopy Party!

We are home from Devon after a fun time at the twins 4th birthday party. The theme was Peanuts so Primrose dressed as Lucy (I was requested to knock up a quick Lucy dress when we arrived!) and Maggie was Charlie Brown, Mummy had that costume all done. The venue was Daddy's photo studio at his business. He had been busy making the Snoopy house and Mummy drew and painted all the characters that were around the room. She also made fantastic Belle cakes amongst other tasty delights!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Homestead Revival

I have just come across this great blog....maybe some of you have visited it before, but I hadn't.  
I have really enjoyed reading through and thought I would recommend it. 

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Where Have I Been?

Life has been so busy recently, work at school, work at church, making Christmas gifts and a little sickness has kept me from here. We live in a beautiful area and sometimes I just like to go for a short drive and see what's happening 'round and about. These photo's were taken about 2 weeks ago and the leaves have now changed and I need to go out with my camera again. This Sunday is the twins 4th birthday so we will be travelling to Devon for the party. I have made my requested mini cup cakes. All the family there have been unwell too so I think when I arrive Thursday evening there will be a fair amount of catching up to be done before Saturdays party