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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Post Christmas

I realised I haven't posted since before Christmas and here we are nearly in February!

We enjoyed a lovely peaceful Christmas, our two sons, daughter in law and newest grandson came to stay. It was Eugenes first Christmas so lots of excitement!

Eugene loved unwrapping his gifts and we all enjoyed lots of cuddles, my favourite cuddle times were when I let his parents go for a nap and I had him all to myself. He is such an easy baby and loves to cuddle and nap on our knees which is something I particularly treasure. His final surgery happened two weeks ago and he is doing so well. From April I will be going to look after him one day a week when his mummy returns to her nursing job. I can't wait!

The day after Boxing Day we drove to Devon to spend time with our daughter and family, the weather was mostly wet but we managed a trip to the beach on the rare dry day. 

We then drove to our cottage in Wales for a few days, again very wet weather but nice and snug inside, my sister and husband joined us for New Years Day

Last week we saw snow for one day, nothing like the east coast of USA have been seeing!