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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Project waiting

Some time back my daughter brought some African panels back for me to use to make her a quilt, thankfully I didn't start it as last time they were home she brought these embroidered squares to add into the quilt. They have been made by local people to raise awareness of HIV/Aids. I still haven't started my son's wedding quilt ..and it won't be done in time for the wedding (5th Sept) as we are moving house 3 weeks later and are in the process of sorting and packing.The good news is that the new house which is about 60 miles from here has enough space for a sewing room!!!

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Lisa Harris said...


Thanks so much for dropping by my website and blog. Love the photos of your grandchildren. They're beautiful.

Your children are fulfilling such a need in SA. What a blessing. We are also involved in the same type of program in Zambia and Zimbabwe. There is such a need. It's encouraging to hear about their work.

Blessings as you serve Him!