Saturday, 16 June 2012

Beach/Garden Mat

This blue beach mat belonged to my parents, together with an orange one. They were passed onto me and I gave one to my daughter. She then bought this great roll of vintage fabric in a charity shop and asked if I would make a mat each for the twins...who love to make beds out on their deck :) It looks like it should be simple and in a way it was but the foam kept sticking to the fabric as I tried to insert the pieces into the pockets that I made in the fabric and then to sew the side seam with the foam in place was also pretty fiddly. I only just had enough fabric to turn in the selvedge and then sew down the side. There was enough fabric for me to use two separate pieces and not to fold over and just have one side seam, but I am pretty tight and didn't want to use more than absolutely necessary :) I then used a press stud gadget so as not to have ties at the sides. This too proved to be a fiddle, not great gadgets :( However, all in all I think the twins will love them and I guess Mummy will have to buy some 'boy' fabric for me to make one for Gilby


Flying Blind... said...

They look fantastic! I know those studs, bet you bent more prongs than you wanted too!

lindsey said...

Yes you are right Hadley...I certainly did!

Just a little something from Judy said...

To my unskilled sewing eye, these mats look perfect! Like I said before, you are so gifted!