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Sunday, 8 January 2012


I have been reading the book of Joshua the last few days. 4:1-24 tells of how after the people had crossed the Jordan on dry land, God wanted them to build a memorial. He told them to have 12 men go and take 12 stones from the river bed, to bring them and use them to build a memorial . So in time to come, the people would be reminded of what God had done for them. I love this story, I love to look back over the years and see how God has blessed us, led us, guided us, challenged us and provided for us. .
God wanted the Israelites to be prepared, not to just go ahead into their task without focussing on Him and seeking His guidance. This is what he wants for us, to spend time with Him, reminding ourselves of what He has done for us and moving forward in faith knowing that He is with us all the way.
If you have a minute go to the blog below...The Journey.....there is an amazing story of a little girl who didn't want to forget where she had been and where God had now brought her

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consume me... said...

Katie is one of my favorite people ever! Her posts always challenge and humble me. This one did not disappoint...blessings to you!