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Monday, 30 January 2012

Gilby Skipp

I cant believe it but next Saturday Gilby will turn 1 year old! And the exciting thing is he is having his party at Grandma and Grandpa's house!!! Our eldest daughter will be here from SA and our other daughters school friend lives in London, so pretty near to us. She also has a little boy who is invited to Gilby's party so we thought it would be fun to have it here. We will have other family members here too so lots of fun will be had by all. I thought that as the trousers I made Gilby for Christmas turned out well I would make him another pair. This time I have recycled one of Grandpa's old denim shirts and lined them with nice checked fabric. The pattern is great for little children, lots of room for the 'proper' nappies that Gilby wears and not too tight around his little tummy. (lots of  babies trousers are just too stiff and tight, I am sure they can't be comfortable). I placed the 'fold' side of the pattern on the side seam of the shirt and so managed to have the double stitched seam from the shirt going down the outer seam of the trousers. 

My daughters lap top packed up and a young man from our church has given her is 'old' Mac book, So I made her a cover for it to protect it travelling back to SA. I didn't have a pattern and so it was a bit of a trial. I added a pocket to the front for the charger.  I think it could have been neater but it will do the job


Flying Blind... said...

Crikey - One already!!
I love those cute trousers x

Needled Mom said...

Where has the year gone? How nice that he will celebrate at Grandma's house.

The pants are darling and I love the computer cover with the extra pocket.

Peg said...

Cute pants, perfect for a little boy. And that lap-top cover - looks fabulous!

Just a little something from Judy said...

Another one of your "make your own patterns" projects, and I am quite impressed. What cute trousers!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

The trousers are adorable; too cute! You are a clever lady, the laptop cover is ingenious.