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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Big School!

Its been a big week for this little chap....he started 'big school' on Tuesday. In South Africa pre school goes through until the child is 6 years old and then they go into grade 1. Joseph has been at a Montessori pre school where he has been so happy and for his Mum and Dad its been quite a time to try and find the right school for him. All education in SA needs to be paid for even the local state school. They had decided that they didn't want for Joe to go to that school, their had heard from their friends how their adopted child had been bullied because although he is Zulu he had white parents. 
The school that they eventually found for Joe is close to their home and very similar to the Montessori style of school. Lots of art, gardening and creative studies as well as the regular lessons. They have made a couple of visits as a family and Joe was very excited about starting this week. he was up before the sun on his first day (its summer in SA at the moment) ready and dressed before any one else. 
It has been quite a challenge, as I have said before they are missionaries and on a low income. They have been without a car this week and so relied on lifts from their neighbour, however on Friday he had to be elsewhere, we prayed and Joe and his daddy walked up to the road to get a lift with a Zulu taxi which are small mini buses. However each taxi that passed was full, and then an elderly man stopped and offered them a lift, he then arranged to come back later to pick up our son in law and drive him back to school to collect Joe. He said whenever they needed a lift he could help them!  
God is good!


Peg said...

Praise the Lord - he is good indeed! So glad that Joe has a good school close to home!

Flying Blind... said...

I hope Joseph had a fantastic first week x

Annabelle said...

What a lovely story - so glad school went well. He looks amazing in his colourful school stuff. xx

Just a little something from Judy said...

Don't you just love the many, many ways that God takes such good care of His children? What a sweet story about a handsome little guy. I wish him the very best as he starts his first year.