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Saturday, 28 May 2011

French Basket

I've been looking for one of these baskets for a while, I could have bought one online but I didnt really want to pay the prices they are asking. My daughter has a number of these in different sizes, she uses them for carrying washing, toys and beach stuff as well as packing them full of their luggage when they come up to visit us. She bought hers in France.
Yesterday when we were out visiting a market town near where we live we found there was a French street market and I found this basket at a very reasonable price.
So today I went through my fabric to find something to line the basket with, I found some Toile de Jouy that I have had for some years. I used a piece of denim to make a pocket for each side. I will be packing it up on Monday when we leave for a few days trip in our little caravan we are travelling over to the Cotswolds


Flying Blind... said...

c'est un beau panier!

lindsey said...

Merci beaucoup!

Peg said...

So talented - and what a pretty basket!