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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Nice Fabric!

When it was Mothers Day in the UK my eldest son was working in New York (He's a fashion photographer) so I didnt get my gift from him until I saw him over Easter...he knows what I like, while in NY he visited some antique shops up state and he bought me this piece of 50's fabric. He suggested I use it to make a couple of small cushions for the Ercol Day Bed that we have in our garage...waiting for my husband to finish rubbing it down so I can make new foam cushions for the base and back. I have all the fabric ready and waiting but cant start until the woodwork is finished and I have bought the foam.
I love the 50's styles that are making a come back. I am not sure who has designed this piece of fabric but I especially like fabrics designed by Lucienne Day. Along with her husband and fellow designer, Robin Day and other designers including Ray and Charles Eames, Lucienne was part of a design movement that is now known as Mid-centry Modern.
I am really looking forward to the daybed being finished!

Lucienne Day


Flying Blind... said...

What a perfect son!!

C'mon Mr. FL&P - we want to see it finished! (Is he listening!?).

lindsey said...

I will remind him...again!

Peg said...

Great retro fabric - what a wonderful gift!