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Monday, 2 May 2011

Dressing Up!

I thought I would add some more photos as I havent had time to post about anything specific. I can only take credit for the bottom one as my son in law took the others.
The twins love the opportunity to dress up, today they went to the grand opening of the new playpark in their village and it was fancy dress, they went as Yogi and a bumble bee. My daughter had bought the main part of the costumes in a charity shop. They had been hand made by some clever person, and today she added the bee's head part with antennae and Yogi's hat, collar, tie and picnic basket. She did a great job!
 Last week they went to their second cousins birthday which was held at a pony place so they wore their Woody PJ tops and hats.
The last two photos are of them having fun with their uncles!


Needled Mom said...

They are adorable!! I love that blonde hair. I am sure they keep each other in laughter most of the time.

Flying Blind... said...

How come they are so cute? - Ours are horrible at the moment!

lindsey said...

Oh, I can assure you they can be rascals at times too....we have decided it is 'confidence in numbers' once separated they are like mice!

Just a little something from Judy said...

You certainly have creative talent in your family. The little girls are growing up and each of their pictures are so adorable! I enjoy seeing those outfits and their precious smiles.