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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Birthday Girl

Today my eldest daughter is 33. I always find it hard not to be with her on her birthday and because they live in South Africa she is usually without any of her UK family or friends. But this year she has two friends from the UK and one from USA visiting and it seems like they have all had a great day together with her husband and boys as well. She has just posted these photo's and so I have copied them to my blog
Dinner at an African restaurant, Moyo

The boys chilling at the organic cafe


Just a little something from Judy said...

I didn't realize that we had daughters so close in age. Your daughter has a beautiful warm smile. Happy Birthday to her! So sorry that you can't be there to celebrate with her. I know what that feels like.

Consume me... said...

I'm sure it is not easy celebrating your daughter's birth over so many miles...but what a blessing to have pictures at your fingertip!!! Those boys are edible! The link you are looking for is on the word "here" that is highlighted in pink. Click that, it'll take you to the other blog. Thanks for your care...have a blessed day!