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Saturday, 9 August 2014


We have just returned from a sixteen day 'holiday'. We spent the first nine days in Devon and Cornwall, mostly with our daughter and her family. The sun shone and we had fun in the pool, Molly helped with podding the beans...this was the first time Molly had met the children and they hit it off big time! She especially loved Gilby and followed him everywhere.

My daughters garden has lots of beautiful hydrangea bushes, I had meant to pick some to dry but forgot 

The children have had pottery classes since the twins were two and are very capable now

We made a delicious cake

We visited the woods and met the Gruffelo, we played hide and seek and hubby and I went out for dinner with great friends who we don't see often enough since we moved from the South West

We then travelled up to Wales to visit our little cottage and do more work, we put the bedroom carpet down and the bed up! We put up a shelf in the bedroom, made from a lovely piece of driftwood we found on the beach back in March....knew it would come in handy :)

We had one day off working on the cottage and met up with my sister and her husband. We headed for the coast and after having a picnic on the sea front we explored the lovely little harbour town called Aberaeron, we loved it there and will visit again. 

We then drove back through the beautiful √Član Valley, the sun shone and the drive was spectacular 
, we stopped off for a cup of tea on route.

This area is just a few miles from our cottage, we really didn't know the area when we bought the cottage and are so happy with where it is

Hubby finished the tiling and showed me how to do the grouting, it's harder than it looks! We just have to lay the flooring then the kitchen is finished. I have been looking for a Welsh wool blanket to make a curtain to cover the front door that we don't use, eventually I found one that is both big enough and a fairly neutral colour. 

I realise I have repeated the curtain photo but as I am using the blogger app I couldn't go off the page to delete it from the collage without having to re do the whole page!!!
My husband used to be a plumber before going into the ministry, pretty handy when it comes to renovation work :) he has fitted a new toilet and basin, and laid the flooring which us grey stained laminate. Just the bath to replace then the bathroom is finished. The garden was looking pretty too.

So we have a few jobs left, the local carpenter that we found, replaced all the internal doors to lovely old latch doors and will fit the oak flooring in the lounge and the slate flooring in the boot room which will be a huge help. 

For now we are back home and back to church work tomorrow 
. I hope you are all enjoying your summer :)


Amy at love made my home said...

The cottage is looking lovely!! Your shelf is especially pretty as is the blanket/door curtain. Glad that you had a nice time away, it looks as though you went to some beautiful places. xx

Peg said...

What a wonderful holiday - grandchildren and friends and family and the seaside - what more could a person ask for! Love your little cottage!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Thanks for sharing your glorious holiday with us, Lindsey! Your cottage looks like a dream retreat; having a handyman husband is such a blessing. Your grands are growing up so quickly; how well I know that feeling! ;)

Just a little something from Judy said...

I so enjoyed your lovely vacation pictures! For me, seeing pictures from your part of the world, is most interesting. The scenery and the history, is unique and beautiful! Your daughter's flowers are exceptional, and I love seeing the skills of the little ones in the pottery department. What a great art for them to learn!

As for your new cottage...well, I think I could move right in there. It is charming and cozy! I like to see pictures of it, and must admit, having a past plumber for your husband, sure does come in handy:)