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Monday, 23 December 2013

christmas animated photo: christmas animated_christmas_tree.gif

I am sure this will be the last opportunity that I have to blog before Christmas Day. Part of the family arrive today, some more tomorrow and of course some will be staying in South Africa.
This year brings the normal excitement tinged with some sadness...the first Christmas without my Mother. We were remembering two Christmases ago when we rented a lovely little cottage down in Devon near the sea, we had Mum with us and some of our kids. We were staying near our daughter and her family and so had a great time together. This was probably Mum's last time of really remembering what Christmas is all about and I am thankful that we have those memories to add to our very many happy memories of a wonderful mother and grandmother.

I am thankful to for all your great blogs that I love to visit and of course for your visits to mine. 
Have a blessed and peaceful Christmas and New Year   

Saturday, 21 December 2013


I haven't made anything this week so I will just post some photos of my Grandchildren, the top four are of the boys in South Africa, we haven't seen them in the flesh (only rarely on Skype) for two and a half years, we miss them terribly. These photos were taken today while they were all out on a hike with some friends, they walked to a wonderful water fall where the children played in the river, the weather is very hot and humid there at the moment. We know they will enjoy a happy Christmas, spending the day with friends from church. I should add, if you are wondering what Jesse is doing in the pink tub.....they don't have running hot water and so on hot days he takes the tub and sits in it under the overflowing water tanks which collect rain water :)

The rest of the family will be with us for Christmas, below are some of the photos their Mum has taken this week. I am so grateful for technology which meanswe can see photos of the regularly and keep up with activities that they are doing.



Wednesday, 18 December 2013


I'm not one for wearing thick jumpers around the house but sometimes I do need something warm on so I thought I would make a poncho. I found a crochet pattern on line and made the one below. The yarn is made by Bergere de France and is recycled from mixed fibre items. The pattern is really easy, just crochet a big rectangle, fold in half, stich up the two ends about half way then pick up and crochet a neck from around the gap that is left.

I am pleased with the result but would have liked it a little longer, so I have ordered some more yarn and will add to the edges of the poncho, the great thing about crochet is if it doesn't look right I can just unravel it and don't need to worry about finishing off the edge again. 




Thursday, 12 December 2013

princess cloaks

Last Christmas when I made these princess dresses I said to myself "I am never going to make anything using this awful shiny fabric again!" Little did I know that this year they would be requiring cloaks to wear over their dresses. I was given very precise instructions for colours and fabric types, the red cloak is actually more of a plum colour and the other one is actually purple although the photos make them look red navy. Hopefully they will fit and suit their purpose.




Tuesday, 10 December 2013

ercol daybed


Some months back I posted our ercol daybed that we restored, my husband sanded the woodwork and re webbed the base, I then bought new cushions and re covered them. I had some fabric left over and so bought two rectangular cushions for the ends. I have now got around to making covers for them. Just in time for our Christmas visitors to arrive :)

Thursday, 5 December 2013


I posted the little draw string bags in the bottom photo some time back, I had some of this beautiful Japanese linen left over and so made a couple of Montessori style children's aprons too.

The aprons are backed with white cotton fabric and have elastic through the neck strap to fit snugly and Velcro fastenings to encourage independence.

The fabric is lovely to sew with and the colours quite festive!




Monday, 2 December 2013

choosing a tree

I have just taken these photos from my daughters instagram page. They went to cut down their Christmas tree at the weekend, they always seem to have great time running around the trees and then choosing which tree they want...maybe one year we will be able to go with them.