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Saturday, 21 December 2013


I haven't made anything this week so I will just post some photos of my Grandchildren, the top four are of the boys in South Africa, we haven't seen them in the flesh (only rarely on Skype) for two and a half years, we miss them terribly. These photos were taken today while they were all out on a hike with some friends, they walked to a wonderful water fall where the children played in the river, the weather is very hot and humid there at the moment. We know they will enjoy a happy Christmas, spending the day with friends from church. I should add, if you are wondering what Jesse is doing in the pink tub.....they don't have running hot water and so on hot days he takes the tub and sits in it under the overflowing water tanks which collect rain water :)

The rest of the family will be with us for Christmas, below are some of the photos their Mum has taken this week. I am so grateful for technology which meanswe can see photos of the regularly and keep up with activities that they are doing.



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Just a little something from Judy said...

Your precious little ones bring a smile to me today. What gifts they are to us. I cannot imagine how much you miss those guys in not seeing them for so long.