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Wednesday, 18 December 2013


I'm not one for wearing thick jumpers around the house but sometimes I do need something warm on so I thought I would make a poncho. I found a crochet pattern on line and made the one below. The yarn is made by Bergere de France and is recycled from mixed fibre items. The pattern is really easy, just crochet a big rectangle, fold in half, stich up the two ends about half way then pick up and crochet a neck from around the gap that is left.

I am pleased with the result but would have liked it a little longer, so I have ordered some more yarn and will add to the edges of the poncho, the great thing about crochet is if it doesn't look right I can just unravel it and don't need to worry about finishing off the edge again. 





Bumpkin Bears said...

Crochet is one thing I have never got the hang of, just not practiced enough I think. Your poncho looks nice and cosy. Thanks for popping by my blog, how lovely you live near Waddesdon. Have a very Merry Christmas, Catherine x

Flying Blind... said...

Oh that looks brilliant! Makes me want to try crocheting again xxx