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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

montessori apron

I am building on my Montessori inspired products and came across the pattern for this sweet little apron. Part of the idea of Montessori products is that they are as child friendly as possible and help develop the child's independence . ThIs apron is made for preschool age, has elastic through the neck strap to keep it snug but flexible and a Velcro fastening to attach the waist strap to the apron body.

I used up cycled vintage fabric which has a slight sheen to it so I am hoping that anything wet will be more likely to slip off than soak in. I have backed the apron with white cotton fabric. This saved having to bind the edges in any way.




thyme Sarah said...

That is adorable. I really like the pattern. Who doesn't love being gifted with a cooking apron! My cousin makes aprons as well as dresses for little of her daughters is definitely interested in learning how to create them with her.

Stephanie said...

Wonderful for Mom's to keep the pre-schooler stain free, if that is possible. But also something the little one can put on for themselves and practice their independence. Great fabric.