Monday, 18 February 2013

my mother

In March my Mother will be 85. For the last few years she has been suffering with vascular dementia and has slowly become more confused. We have taken the decision to move her into a lovely home in Devon where she lives. This home is for people suffering with dementia. My brother is an architect and carried out the conversion on this beautiful building. 
We are just waiting for a room to become available.
Mum doesn't really understand that this is going to happen and we are praying that the transition will be a smooth one for her. With us living four hours drive away and my sister (not sure if I have ever blogged about the story of how my sister found us) even further away in Wales, all local jobs are left for my brother. 
For my Mothers birthday I have made a photo book of photo's taken over the years. 
I thought I would share a few with you.
Evelyn Myfanwy born in Wales 1928

 On the right side of this photo with some friends
 with her youngest brother Cyril
 Thomas Father
 on their wedding day

 with my bother and I....I have a grumpy face
 Evelyn Nana
 Shortly after we moved to Cornwall in 1973
 with my sister and sister is 10 years older than I am and this was taken shortly after I discovered that I had a sister in 1984
This is taken at our daughters wedding in 1999. My mother is looking at the camera


Stephanie said...

Old photos are treasures. Wishing you well. It's difficult having role reversal -- children taking care of their parents.

sara said...

I understand how hard it is to be far from your parents at this stage. My mom and dad are 80 & 82 and live states away from me. I feel very lucky that my brother is in town with them..though it is more responsibility for him too! love the pictures!!

Flying Blind... said...

Lots of lovely and fascinating memories there. I am sure the initial angst will be replaced with comfort that she is safe and being cared for 24/7 xxx

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

What great photos. All the best. How difficult this must be for you!

Needled Mom said...

I am sure that she will love the memories. I know that the decisions are difficult, but I hope that you will all be pleased with the move.

the linen cloud said...

Beautiful photos Lindsey ... and I do hope the transition will not be too difficult for you all ... Bee xx

Just a little something from Judy said...

I have been reading your blog posts for many years and was not aware of the difficulty that you experience daily with your mother's situation. I pray that the transition would be smooth for her and for your family.

The pictures are so interesting. I enjoyed every one. I find it so interesting that you found a sister that you didn't know you had. Life presents so many twists and turns. Thanks for sharing all this.

Anonymous said...

O does this post speak to me! My mom will be 85 in June and right now going through a similar situation although it is not her mind but her body that causes her problems. I live three hours away and so I can totally relate to your situation on many levels. God bless her, and you all, as you move on to this "new normal" as my sister calls our changes.