Wednesday, 6 February 2013

I'm honoured

I awoke this morning to a message from Ann over at saying that she has nominated me for a Liebster exciting! I love Ann's blog and visit it daily. She posts about her life, her visits to lovely places and her wonderful creations...all the things I enjoy reading about people.

But I have to answer the following questions and I'm really not very good at this. I am glad she didn't ask my favourite film because I can never remember film titles much to my children's dismay. 

1. What am I most proud of?
This is an easy answer, I am most proud of my husband, children and grandchildren. My husband gave up his plumbing and heating career in 2001 and went to Bible College. He had suffered an accident prior to this and I asked him the question 'What would you do if you could do anything?' and the answer was Bible college.Financially we had nothing and this was a huge step.I am thankful that he had the faith to do this as it was the best move we ever made. My Kids...well they are all awesome and I don't have time here to explain why and how, they just are!

2. What am I least proud of?
All the times that I have messed up as a wife and mother. But I know God has the grace for me in all my mistakes.

3. My favourite topic of conversation?
I love to talk about my Lord and Saviour...but I know that can be a bore to some :) so when I am with people I like to find out as much about them as possible (without being too intrusive) I am interested in people, and so it all depends on who I am conversing with. And if I can sneak a bit of Jesus in there somewhere I always will.

4. Who would I most like to spend a day with.
I love to read about people who have given their lives to serving  the destitute. At this moment in time I would like to spend a day with Matthew Barnett, founder of The Dream centre in Los Angeles.  

5. Who would I run a mile from?
Anyone trying to sell me something that I don't want...I hate hard selling! If I wasn't something I will choose to but it without anyone calling me or imposing themselves on me in the street!

The six blogs that I would like to nominate are...

 1. Bee at thelinencloud 
2.Sarah at Thyme
3. Elizabeth at Cornish Cream
4. homespunliving
5. Krista at spottedstone
6. Mary at mollyflanders

I love to visit all these blogs for different reasons,their photography, their creations, their talk of family life and the area where they live.


Elizabethd said...

You are so kind to nominate me, Lindsey. Thank you, I appreciate the thought but I do keep my blog award free.

Flying Blind... said...

Congrats and do love being a nosey parker!

Annabelle said...

Love the fact that you are so proud of hubby - mine would die of embarassment if I mentioned him! xx

Lorraine said...

How very much I have enjoyed reading this post. I can related to lots that your wrote. I know I am blessed by your blog every time I visit.

homespun living said...

Thank you Lindsey--I appreciate being included in your list, and am grateful that you visit me at homespunliving!