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Tuesday, 28 February 2012


My daughter showed me the following idea on a Montessori blog. I cant remember the blog name so made the planters from memory. I have saved milk cartons,washed them and removed the labels. 

I then cut away part of the carton

Found two pieces of wood which I painted white

Then slid the cartons onto the wood, I will need to make a few small holes in the bottom for drainage. 

I have made two rows of planters to take down to the twins this weekend. I will take compost and get some seeds for them to plant and then Daddy can hang them on the garden fence.


Annabelle said...

Great idea Lindsey - I am always looking for stuff to plant in - last year found car tyres - they give them away at garages - perfect to grow rhubarb and herbs not sure if there is a problem with the rubber but after last years illness who cares - cannot be any worse!

lindsey said...

Great idea. I will tell my daughter in SA as they are looking for things to plant veg in. I guess you could line them with something?

Flying Blind... said...

Oh they will love them!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

What a great idea!