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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Some Photo's

I am in the middle of a few sewing projects so nothing finished to blog about. I did do a free motion quilting course this last week, I have always hand quilted but thought I would try it out....I was pretty rubbish at it so we will see if I ever get around to doing it again. I thought I would post some photo's of  Grandchildren that I have taken from my daughters FB page. Gilby goes into hospital on Monday to have his tongue tie sorted, please pray for him.

busy boy
one very tired daddy and one oblivious baby!
too cool for school
this one made me laugh...looks like the girls have banished Gilby away for some reason


Flying Blind... said...

Gilby is a boy - that is all the reason the girls need to banish him!

Needled Mom said...

What wonderful photos. Love the one of a tired daddy and oblivious baby!!!!

Free motion quilting is a challenge at first. Leah Day has a wonderful blog on it and you can get loads of fun practice pieces. Don't give up yet!

I will keep your grandson in my prayers.

Just a little something from Judy said...

Just like you said that you enjoy my grandchildren pictures, I enjoy seeing yours. Those little girls are growing up right before my eyes, and they are so cute! I did like the picture of Gilby off to the side made me smile. I see that happening often in my world, depending on their mood:)