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Friday, 28 May 2010

Baby Quilts

I decided to get on with the baby quilts that I am making for a couple in our church who are expecting twins any day. They dont know the sex of the babies and so I am planning on using a stencil to put hearts around the cream border and quilt them in either pink or blue after they are born. We started the day with a walk in te country followed by coffee and cake, with friends.

I had already cut out the squares so I began with jointing these up. I have a number of baby quilts to get done and so cose a simple pattern of 5x5 6" squares

I then added the cream border and mitred the corners by drawing a 45 degree line from the corner on one side of the border then on the other side

I then pinned the layers

stitched them together along the line and trimmed the fabric

The quilt tops are now ready to put together with wadding and backing and then quilted

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