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Saturday, 15 August 2009

I thought I would add a post about my daughter and her family, as I have mentioned before they are missionaries in South Africa, The work is tough but rewarding. A couple of years ago they were held up at gunpoint just after carrying out a kids club in one of the townships. They were unhurt but had lots of equipment taken and were quite shook up as they also had Joseph with them and lots of children from the township. Well since their visit to us and return home in July, their staff members and a group of volunteers have been held up again and everything taken including their 4x4. It happened in the same township but a different area, they have now decided not to return to that township. Alongside the kids clubs that they run in a number of areas they are also building homes for children orphaned through HIV/Aids. Below are some photo's, the top one taken at a wedding while in the UK, the other two of their first house, firstly you can see its roof peeping out above the trees and then there is one of the beautiful thatched roof. These photo's are the most recent that I have but I know the house is very near completion. They are also working down in the town of Durban with homeless people and prostitutes. They have an amazing property where they live, rented out to them to run their work from. People can go and visit and work alongside them. God has been consistently faithful to them.
Please pray for them as they carry out the work that God has called them to.

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