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Sunday, 21 December 2014

I have been so neglectful of my blog in recent months, I can't use a busy life as an excuse because I know you all have busy lives but still seem able to keep up!

I've been considering my Etsy shop and what to do with it. I have enjoyed making baby and children's clothes to sell but I just don't seem to have the inclination to work on promoting it. 

Last week our church put on a Christmas Market to raise funds for the missionaries that we support, I decided to take along my Etsy products and my husband took lots of the pots he has made together with his potters wheel for people to have a go at throwing a pot. This was a huge success and especially the men and children enjoyed taking a turn. 

The market was great fun, lots of very talented people had stalls selling homemade soaps, candles, cakes, preserves, fudge and cookies to name just some of the produce that was for sale.

I sold quite a few of my items and I'm thinking of just winding down my shop and maybe concentrating on quilts and blankets. With a new grandchild on the way I have plenty of reason to make baby clothes. 

I've loved making blankets from the attic24 blog, I'm making cot size blankets at the moment, finished the cottage ripple blanket and am now using the rest of the yarn to make the cosy blanket



On Friday we went into visit our son in London, he asked if I would like some pieces of Irish linen he had used on a photo shoot and no longer needed, of course my answer was "Yes" and we swung by his studio to pick them up, this pile doesn't look that big but each piece of fabric measures from 4 to 8 metres long so plenty to keep me busy :) I am thinking that I will make some plain quilts, using the same colour linen top and back with wadding in between and then hand quilting through the layers with embroidery silks. 

I have washed all the pieces and although none shrunk, the darker colours did bleed so I couldn't mix colours in a quilt. I'm pretty excited about getting started with these beautiful colours.


Below is a Christmas photo of some of our grandchildren, they dressed up to go to see Elf 
at the theatre. Gilby isn't really into dressing up and usually will only wear a cowboy hat! I guess his Mummy and sisters managed to persuade him on this occasion :)

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GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Your grandchildren look so sweet in the elf dress-up... even Gilby! And your newest blanket is done in the prettiest colors and pattern. It looks so warm and snugly!

I tried my hand with an etsy shop but I found it takes so much time to create an item that it didn't work out to much of a profit. I am happy to be able to make gifts for my family and friends.

So nice popping in to visit with you, Lindsey! Hope this Christmas week is filled with blessings!