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Friday, 6 June 2014

Twins Dresses

When the twins were younger my daughter bought a little dress from a charity shop which had a two layered skirt. They loved this dress and wore it until they could no longer squeeze into it. So my daughter asked if I could make them bigger dresses in the same style. 

I had found this pattern some time back in a charity shop and had used part of it to make their princess dresses for Christmas. I knew the pattern was a little too big for them and as I said in my last post,  I often find it hard to make them clothes being so far away and not being able to try them for size as I go along. The beauty of making two identical items is that second time round You can learn from the mistakes of the first!

So I used this pattern and added extra layers of skirts as requested. The girls are very precise about what colours and style fabrics they would like, Primrose wanted narrow pink stripes going vertically down the dress, Maggie wanted wider pink stripes going horizontal across the dress! 

I decided that horizontal stripes just wouldn't look right and so made them both vertical. 

I completed them and mailed them down to Devon, apparently the girls love them...phew :) I think they probably could do with some darts being put in them and so maybe on my next trip down to see them I could add these to make them fit better around the top. 





Needled Mom said...

Those are darling dresses. They are lucky to have a grandma to sew for them.

Just a little something from Judy said...

Every little girl should have a grandma who sews. It is like each piece is a "designer piece". One can't buy such cute dresses. I understand that they each have their own individual preferences:) Nice work!

Peg said...

You're so clever! How lucky those grandchildren of yours are!

Amy at love made my home said...

They are both lovely dresses! I hope that both girls love wearing them just as much as the other ones! You might have to go for a third round of dresses if they grow too quickly and still love the style, you will have them well committed to memory by then! xx