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Tuesday, 17 September 2013


I've been busy making items for my re branded etsy shop, these little ponchos are so easy to make and I would love to sell them but I'm not sure this will happen. 
I am sure I should be spending more time on my shop some how getting it 'out there' but although my viewings have gone up a little I don't think they have gone up enough.

Maybe I don't have the time to spend and need to be satisfied with just making a few sales now and again. 

My pottery etsy shop has sold a few items but again I probably don't spend enough time on that either.

So I think I will continue to make the items I enjoy and wait and see what happens. If anyone out there has any tips I would live to hear them :)


Anonymous said...

Your ponchos are adorable. I would list one, but understand there are zillions of other crochet and knit items on etsy. I love etsy, and have a vintage fabric shop...a bit easier to sell things. But! I do spend alot of time 'networking', being on teams etc. It is nearly a full-time job, and why my poor blog suffers at times. I can not do both well at the same time.

It is always nice to be able to add to the family income, but not at the expense of the family...does that make sense? If I was just selling handmade items, I would go slow, and enjoy a sale when it happened. I make what I enjoy and then wait until a need arises...bam, gift ready. Hope that helps a bit.
blessings, jill

Flying Blind... said...

They are cute - see that you have listed them, why not I say!

I was thinking of doing an "I can't knit" post - I will mention you and yours xxx

Stephanie said...

The ponchos are absolutely adorable. I love the buttons. Most important is enjoying what you make. I hope your shop works out as you'd like.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Your work is always so lovely and well done! I hope your sales increase!

Needled Mom said...

The ponchos are just gorgeous. I can't help in ideas as I am not familiar with the process.

Kathy MomOfNine said...

Your ponchos are beautiful! Marketing on Etsy is difficult. Best to you!

thyme Sarah said...

Those are adorable. Perfect for down here in Texas where we don't need anything too warm. I'm going to visit your Etsy shop soon! Good luck!