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Thursday, 12 September 2013


This is our grandson Jesse and today he is 7... I can hardly believe his has been in our family for nearly 7 years.

You may wonder why Jesse is holding a sign saying 'happy birthday Miles'? Well Miles is the son of their friends who are missionaries in Burundi. They did live in SA and when Miles was first born they used to visit the orphanage where Jesse had been placed when he was first found abandoned on the day of his birth. Miles' parents and older brother used to go to the orphanage and spend time with the babies, because Jesse had been born on the same day as Miles they took a special interest I him and prayed each visit that Jesse would be adopted by Christian parents. 

Well skip a couple of years and our daughter and son in law, Vashti & Martin, began to attend a new church in Durban where they met Miles and his family. It wasn't until a while later that they discovered that link and that Miles' parents had already met Jesse before he had been adopted by Vashti & Martin. 

This is a story of Gods faithfulness and also how He places a bond between His people which cannot be broken even when they move miles away. 

We are so thankful to God for placing Joseph and Jesse in our family.....He is good indeed!

This is the first picture that we saw of Jesse, Vashti is on the phone telling me that they have brought him home while Martin took and emailed this photo to us

Jesse and his big brother Joseph


Needled Mom said...

Happy birthday Jesse and Miles!

Flying Blind... said...

So cute!
Happy birthday chaps xxx

Just a little something from Judy said...

What handsome little guys! I am so thankful for people like your children who love and adopt them.
Happy Birthday to Jesse and Miles!