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Saturday, 3 August 2013

home again

Yesterday we arrived back from New Wine, the Summer camp we often go to...the weather wasn't great, wet and muddy and without the comforts of a regular camp site. But we had a good time, great speakers, some from Vineyard churches in USA including John Wimbers daughter in law Christy. 
I managed a visit to Millie Moon and picked up some pretty fabrics. 

The new banner and logo for my etsy re brand is almost done and I am very pleased with it.
Hopefully it will be changed over soon :)

Thankfully we were in our little caravan and not a tent

We returned to this beauty which must have grown from a sunflower out of the bird food.
I hope you are all enjoying the Summer hols!


Flying Blind... said...

Caravan? You are so fancy ;)
Glad you had a good time xxx

Anonymous said...

I so miss has been over two years!!! Glad you all had a good time. I love that Pezzy fabric, but I must use up some of my huge stash first. At least I tell myself that when I am not inside a fabric store:-)
blessings, jill
new reader

Just a little something from Judy said...

I am sure you came home, inspired from your camping time. The Pezzy fabric is new to me, but I like the look of it.