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Friday, 19 October 2012


For those of you who don't know Dartmoor, it is a beautiful, wild part of Devon. When our third child was just a few months old we moved from Cornwall to Devon. Both counties are beautiful and thankfully we have family living in both so we get to visit regularly. My mother moved from Devon to a little village on the edge of Dartmoor and so when our four children were growing up we spent many a time exploring this amazing countryside. Visits are great in all weathers, the Summer time brings opportunity to stop and picnic and paddle in shallow rivers, the Autumn brings diverse colours and wild weather that follows into the Winter when on the rare occasion we may experience snow. Then comes the Spring when the plants begin to bloom and visitors can stop and watch lambs prancing and Dartmoor ponies with their young. Walkers and cyclists are at home on Dartmoor, there are tors to climb and villages to visit for a cream tea.
I am glad that now my Grandchildren get to visit Dartmoor,  explore the land and be blessed


Annabelle said...

Lovely lovely lovely.
Lindsey - still getting reply emails to you undelivered.
The email address that comes up is
This must be the problem!
It automatically replies to this address and I cannot change it.
Are others having problems too?

Stephanie said...

There seems to be a rugged beauty. I love the huge ancient rock.

Yes to Annabelle. I can not reply to your comments for the same reason.

lindsey said...

I dont know what to do, when I look at this box below it is my hotmail email address and also on my account details so Im not sure how to change it....Oh dear

lindsey said...

OK I really do think I have sorted it now...sorry, I am really not much good at these things :(

Annabelle said...

Sadly not sorted. Lindsey can you send me another email address privately? I think you need some help to sort it! x

Annabelle said...

I need you to post on my blog for me to know if it works now.

Flying Blind... said...

Love the pics!

Hope your email is sorted - I have replied to you this week but had the bounce back too x