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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Baby Quilt

We are off to South Africa tomorrow to visit our daughter and her family. I have just finished the baby quilt for her friend Karen's newly adopted baby, to take with me. I am thinking that if anyone chooses to look in our bags on route they will wonder what type of people they belong to....alongside our clothes we have patchwork items and book for my daughter, gifts for people who work for my daughters charity, gifts for her and her husband, Buzz Lightyear and Woodie outfits for our grandsons and one wedding dress at the moment but maybe two tomorrow! My daughter has a blog Rich Bride, Poor Bride and I am taking her dress out with me and maybe another donated dress if I can fit it in. I will hopefully be able to check in here while we are away and post a few photos.


Sean G Macnamara said...

those quilts are wicked. when can we get one?

lindsey said...

When you have a baby!