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Saturday, 26 December 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas has been busy but staying. C hristmas day began with breakfast and present opening followed by church then lunch which was roast turkey with lots of vegetables, stuffing, cranberry and bread sauce with Christmas pudding and clotted cream for desert. Then a few napped while others entertained the twins...or maybe the twins entertained us! After supper and little people were in bed the adults played some scrabble then Trivial Pursuit...I was glad to be on the winning team of a very close game. Bed came pretty late and morning came too soon with little people coming into Grandma and Grandpa's room for stories and early morning snacks.

Two little elves find the last of theAdvent chocolates

Pretty Christmas dresses

New bedding from Mummy & Daddy

Watching The Snowman with uncle Ben

Early morning snacks

Christmas Rocky Road Cake

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Just a little something from Judy said...

Their smiles, their pretty little dresses, the special gifts and good looking treats...I can tell that Christmas was a special time in your home. And, the fact that you were on the winning team...what fun! I really enjoyed these pictures, and loved seeing the twins.