Thursday, 12 November 2015

Twins turn eight

What do you do when it's to be your birthday party and you like cats and climbing? Well you have a climbing cats party :)

Our twin granddaughters turn eight tomorrow, I just can't believe that eight years has gone by since these sweet little girls were born. Primrose Noel (in the black skirt) was born first and weighed in at seven and a half pounds and then came Magnoloia Boo who weighed nearly eight pounds...yes nearly fifteen pounds of baby without counting all the extra 'stuff' that comes with them! Our daughter who is not very tall, was well and truly ready for these little ones to arrive.

We went down to Devon to stay in our caravan last weekend so we could be around to help with the preparations, take the children out while mummy baked and shopped and then to be there to join in the fun. Our daughter is a great party planner and makes the best craft decorations and baking.

I had the job of baking the chocolate sponge cake, cupcakes and meringue kisses before we left home and Amy did all the icing and decorating. The cake was a mountain with marzipan cats climbing up it :)


Cupcakes iced as cat paws and faces, I got to do the pink icing on the mountain cookies and Amy drew little mountaineers on them, I got to cut the strawberries and she made them into little mice. I just recently learnt how to make meringue kisses with stripes down them, I used natural gel food colouring


These cat cookies were made by Amy and look great

Giant origami cats decorated the room

The party goers had cats faces painted on as they arrived at the climbing wall, the twins are half way up the climbing wall wearing blue hats, they manage to climb to the top easily. Gilby goes on the lower wall but is equally as confident. All the children enjoyed the activity even though none of the guests had been to the wall before :) After the wall we returned to the house for tea
We had a great few days in Devon, albeit a little tiring and very stormy weather for a caravan, but nice and snug and cosy at the same time :)


Cootie Bug said...

What little girls wouldn't love love love a party such as this one! Everything was so creative, original, and fun! The girls look so darling!

Amy at love made my home said...

Happy Birthday to your granddaughters! A climbing cats party sounds as though it was very exciting! Delicious eats and treats! xx

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

A most lovely and exciting birthday celebration for these two precious girls. The detail and creativity in the food and decorations is amazing!

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Just a little something from Judy said...

I cannot believe that your twins are 8 years old already! What a lovely, creative, and colorful party you had for them! You all are so talented!