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Monday, 1 June 2015

Dove Cottage

I haven't posted about our little Welsh cottage for a while, we have just returned from a few days over there catching up on some jobs. I spent a few hours tidying the garden while my husband worked inside.  We had the plaster removed from the wall behind the sofa and he has been spending time pointing around the stones with cement and on this visit he sealed it all to stop the dust from forming and to bring out the colours of the stones. We are really pleased with how it has turned out. 
If you want to see my first post after exchanging in the property a year ago, click on he following link

Some of you may not have heard of Welsh blankets woven in the wooden mills, these beautiful blankets have become popular again in recent years with new designs being made and old designs remade. In the first four photos below you can see some of the Welsh blankets and cushions that I have, the blanket hanging over the door is also Welsh but in a plaid design and the blanket on the chair is a waffle blanket. The cushions and orange blanket are made in the tapestry design. I also have a beautiful red, black and grey tapestry blanket but can't find a photos of it. 

On Friday I went with my sister to Jane Beck's Welsh Blanket shop, Jane collects antique blankets and quilts, buys and sells pre owned blankets and quilts and sells news blankets and cushions. We had a great visit and I came away with the beautiful cushion in the third photo. If you would like to read more about Welsh blankets go to Jane Becks website and



Some of the Studio pottery that we have at the cottage made at the John Leach pottery in Muchelney

View across the fields to Dove Cottage. 

Below are photos taken from our visit to Jane Becks shop


This is an antique blanket from Jane's collection


Mrs Flying Blind... said...

It looks so beautiful there, I am very jealous x

Just a little something from Judy said...

I have always liked stone walls, and yours here looks so good! What a cozy, inviting d├ęcor your cottage has! The Welsh blankets are the perfect touch to add to the look of the room! I like how you shared the pottery and the pillows. I can totally understand why you enjoy spending time there. The view you have is lovely too! Thanks so much for sharing glimpses into the cottage for us, so that we can picture where you like to spend time.

Amy at love made my home said...

Your cottage looks gorgeous and so do those lovely Welsh blankets! They are lovely aren't they. I really like your Leach pottery as well, we went to the Bernard Leach Pottery in April and fell in love with it, your collection is gorgeous! xx