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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

party time!

Last week was hectic, we had planned to go to Devon on the Thursday for the twins birthday party as we do every year. Then two weeks before, my husbands step father passed away. He had been poorly for years but always picked up again. But since my mother in law passed away three years ago he had gone down hill. 

The funeral was planned for last Thursday so we travelled to Devon a couple of days before, the funeral was to be in Cornwall. 

This gave us extra time with with our family and opportunity to help with party prep and doing more with the grandchildren while mummy baked and made party decorations and crafts for the children to do at the party.

Our daughter does a great job for their parties and so the girls are really getting into the ideas too, they had chosen a Hawaiiian themed party and Maggie designed the cake....dolphins jumping out of water with a sun set :) Primrose wanted a hoola hooping competition....they are both very good at this and certainly don't inherit the skill from their grandma! 

I made the girls a waistcoat and tea bag hat each. They had mentioned they could always do with more pencil cases so I made those too together with one for Gilby ..don't think I will be making those again! My daughter had asked if I would make a baby gift for some friends, so I made these little boots and hat, already for Christmas.

Trips to the SW of England always include a visit to the coast and also Dartmoor, all favourites from when we lived down there. Molly's first visit to the beach was fun, although she wasn't so sure about the water

The Hawaiian theme was a great idea, there was a blowup palm tree, a wonky rainbow painted by grandma, fans as take home gifts together with craft activities to make their own lei to wear and a piece of card board, air dry clay and sea shells for each guest to make their own Hawaiian Island to take home too. I made the sponge cake and cup cakes and took them down for my daughter to decorate. ( she wouldn't let me loose on the cake decorating!!)

Top left are the fondant decorated cup cakes, the children enjoyed pineapple slushies from their own carved out pineapples, bottom left is my great niece and then the beautiful sun set over Dartmoor as we were leaving to drive home. I am so thankful that we are able to make this annual trip down for their birthday parties and can't believe this week they turn seven!


Amy at love made my home said...

I am glad that you have had some good times to help you along in this time of sadness. xx

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

So sorry to hear of your loss. The Hawaiian party was just so exciting! SO many wonderful details and lots of fun times! I do think your handiwork is most beautiful. Everything you create is so stylish and well made.

Just a little something from Judy said...

My visit here has been so interesting! First of all, I want to share my condolences with you. I think it is especially difficult during the holidays, to say good bye to those we love.

It is so good that you got to spend time with your dear family too, and I am most impressed with the huge dose of creativity you all have been blessed with! The party was beautifully done! I am still smiling at the fact that she wouldn't let you touch the baked cupcakes. Does she forget just how artistic you are? Lovely pictures of the precious children too.