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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

summers end

So the Summer is drawing to a close, even though the sun is still shining here in the UK, the holidays are over and the children have returned to school. Spring and Summer are my favourite times of the year and so I am always a little sad when Autumn arrives but we have had a great summer and last week we went across to our cottage in Wales for a few days, we managed to fit in a few small jobs but as our daughter, son in law and their children we staying in a fancy campsite over on the coast we drove across one day to visit them. 

They have stayed on the Fforest sites a few times, each visit they have hired a different type of accomodation, in the past they have used the domes, the barn, the cabins but this time they hired a camping shack. We were very impressed with the set up, they have a wooden shack built on a deck with a bell tent each end opening into the shack. There is no running water but their shack did have electricity nd they have a stove for cooking which is fuelled with logs. They have camp beds in the tents, bean bags to sit on with animal skins on the floor and beautiful Welsh blankets on the beds. The shacks house the kitchen and a lovely oak table with chairs and a church pew for seating. The kitchen is equipped with lovely enamel ware for cooking, eating and drinking. 

The views from their pitch was amazing and the children have lots of freedom


Top left is my husband and son in law having a chat, the camping shack and the bottom two pictures are of communal parts of the site where guests can gather for breakfast, camp fires etc

Their camping shack

Molly is always a huge hit with he children, they love her and she loves them, she comes home exhausted :)

The pull along trolleys are provided for the guests to bring luggage up from their cars...they are also pretty handy for transporting little people too! Gilby was keen to show Grandpa the candles he had bought and a water fight soon got underway

I've taken the next two photos from my daughter IG account...

Apparently one of the highlights for Primrose was that she bought a mermaids take from a car boot sale... I can imagine that would have been a tough one to walk past :)


We came off our route on our drive back to the cottage and the sat nav took us on an amazing drive.


Just a little something from Judy said...

I love that you share pictures from your part of the world! The pictures are exceptionally beautiful and I enjoy seeing the grandchildren growing up. They are adorable!

corners of my life said...

The wagon photo is priceless!