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Monday, 19 May 2014


Three of my nieces have been pregnant at the same time, my sisters two daughters, one has had a little girl and the other one is still waiting, and one of my brothers daughters has had her fourth child, also a little girl. 

I made a pair of these trousers for each of the babies that have been born, I forgot to photograph the first pair but here is the second pair. I lined both pairs with soft flannel fabric, or winsiette, depending on where you are from :)

Last week was my birthday, my daughter in law has the same birthday, so we usually meet up somewhere for lunch. This year we met at Petersham Nurseries near Richmond. This is a beautiful place, there is a restaurant and a cafe, each set in the lovely old green houses. We ate in the cafe and I took a few photos around the place. We then walked through Richmond Park. Molly came too and this was the first meeting with some of our family...I am glad to say she was on her best behaviour!












Just a little something from Judy said...

Happy Belated Birthday my friend! What a lovely way to celebrate another year of life. I enjoyed each picture you shared.

The little pink pants are so cute! Each mother will be thrilled to receive this gift. You put your heart into each creation, and the recipients must feel so blessed.

Amy at love made my home said...

Happy Birthday to you! Glad that you had a great day out the nursery looks like a lovely place to visit. How amazing that you have so many girls in your family, what a lot of little ladies to make those lovely trousers for, they are very pretty. xx