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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Care for the helpless

As you will know if you read my blog regularly, that my eldest daughter and her husband are missionaries in South Africa.they have their own two little boys whom they adopted as babies and my daughter, as well as working part time as children's pastor and alongside her husband homeschool their boys, also visits the homeless shelter and helps out wherever she can. 

This shelter is not like those we find in the UK, they are grim places with hundreds of people living in them including families with young children. Many if the tenants are addicts and th women often work the streets to support their habits and/or their families. 

Some tenants are young street children who the older tenants will prey on and sell drugs to. 

My daughter gets to know the women and children who live there and is often the port of call to get people to hospital when need be as ambulances will refuse to go there.

Recently one of the young ladies went into labour, my daughter managed to get her to the hospital where her son was born addicted to the same drugs as his mother uses. She struggled to take care of him as both she and her baby went through withdrawals. My daughter inferred to take him for a couple of nights to give her a break and to give him the love and are he needed. 

She took him back to the shelter last week but was unable to leave him, his mother was in no state to take care of him. She has taken him back for further visits but his mother is now saying that she wishes for him to be adopted. Only she can make that move and talk to social services which at the moment she is in no fit state to do. So my daughter and her husband continue to care for this sweet little baby.
 If you would like to visit her blog you will get a better story from her. Those of you who pray, please pray for this baby and his mother, for healing for them both. Also please pray for my daughter and her family, the longer they have this baby in their care the more attached they will become and the harder it will be to hand him on to either his mother or an adoptive family. But we know that at his time the place for him to be is with a loving family who know how to care for him and to help him through the withdrawals for his addiction. Thank you.

With my daughter
With his mother
I have started a quilt for him that will hopefully stay with him wherever he goes.


DeborahGun said...

it is the hardest thing caring for the helpless - it breaks our hearts, but then it breaks His heart so much more. Said a prayer for this little one and his mother.

SarahGeorge said...

Dear Lindsey,
This is such an amazing thing. "Of all the works we do, the ones that we do for the Lord lasts forever". Went through some of her posts, and was deeply touched. Will remember your daughter and her family in our prayers.

Just a little something from Judy said...

So many emotions were involved in my heart as I read this post. I would love to pray for her and for this precious little guy. What a heart wrenching story! I will be thinking about all of you as you journey through this difficult time.