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Friday, 7 February 2014


Today is our 38th wedding anniversary. We have come down to Cornwall for a few days to stay in a cottage belonging to friends who are away.

The weather here in the south West has been pretty wild but today the sun came out and we managed to drive around the countryside stopping off here and there for breakfast and walks around fishing villages and beaches.

This evening we are going for supper at the Polgooth Inn which is in the village where I moved with my parents when I was 16 and where we spent our wedding day evening. We also lived in the village for a couple of years when we had young children.

We will travel home on Sunday, stopping off in Devon to visit family and grandchildren in route.

I have added to bottom three photos to show how huge the waves were that have been battering the coastal villages in the South West. (I didn't take them)



Flying Blind... said...

Glad you got some sunshine today too; happy anniversary xxx

Stephanie said...

Happy Anniversary. Although destructive the waves are fascinating. Usually Mother Nature's fury is beautiful yet destructive. I love the boldness of the red cafe sign against the brilliant blue sky.

simply bev said...

Those are amazing wave photos! I love the colorful boats on the water too. Thanks for sharing!

Just a little something from Judy said...

I heard reports about the weather in your part of the world, but these wave pictures say it all. I never saw waves that high, and I am sure most destructive. Thanks for sharing them.