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Thursday, 9 January 2014

finishing and beginning

I have completed the baby quilt I began before Christmas, using Moda's Pezzy Print fabric.
I'm pleased with the result and will put it on my etsy shop. My husband has just begun a 3 month sabbatical from church, we are off to Cyprus next week for two weeks, we have a conference to attend in February and then he turns 60 at the beginning of March so I have a couple of little treats planned for then :) I'm not really on sabbatical but plan on sticking to my paid hours for church rather than doing all the extra bits too....not sure if that plan will work!

So I am at last beginning my Liberty quilt. I have been collecting Liberty fabrics over the years with the plan to make myself a quilt from it.  I'm not sure how the pattern will work out as some of the pieces I have are already cut into different sized squares and other pieces are of differing sizes. But I just think I will begin and see what happens. So I will keep you posted as to how it's going, 
I'm excited about starting it at last!



Just a little something from Judy said...

I like how you think when it comes to fabric designs and colors. What fun it is for me to see what you completed and what you are starting. Gifted people inspire me, even though I do not sew.

Your husband and I are almost the same age with both of us having March birthdays and going to reach the same milestone. I am so happy for him to have a sabbatical.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Your pezzy quilt is precious, I love it! And, oh those luscious Liberty prints... can't wait to see your progress on that! Happy birthday to your husband, I have paved the way for him... Ive been 60 for four months and it's not so bad! ;)

Needled Mom said...

Your pezzy quilt looks so soft and pretty. I can't wait to see those Liberty prints sewn together.

Flying Blind... said...

Lovely quilt, and another in the making. Have a lovely time in Cyprus, all that sunshine, warm air and trying to avoid hard work ;)

the linen cloud said...

Your quilt is so pretty ... hope you have a great holiday and I look forward to seeing your adventures with Liberty ... Bee xx

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Simply beautiful! Lovely fabrics!