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Saturday, 19 January 2013

a busy week

I have just returned from a few days in Devon helping my daughter while her husband was away on business. 
We had fun...I told the twins if they were especially good and helpful getting ready for school each day and laying the breakfast table the evening before then I would take them to the village shop and buy them sweets before I left.They rose to the challenge 
Here they are examining and chatting about the sweets they chose :)

Gilby loves to help Mummy unpack the vegetable delivery that arrives at their house each week

 Below is a lovely treat that hubby bought me while I was away. I have been looking for one to have in the sitting room with sewing  stuff at hand...he found this in the Oxfam shop which delights me even more, knowing that he didn't spend much on it

 I found this lovely piece of vintage fabric in the Oxfam shop in Kingsbridge 


Annabelle said...

The children are just so adorable. Sounds like you had a great time and prezzies too - lucky you. Saw that it was difficult getting home. I am staying put for the duration of the bad weather - can't be bothered to even go for a walk in the park!

Needled Mom said...

What a nice way to spend your days with the little ones!

Love the sewing cabinet. I have a similar one in a darker wood that I love too.

Those summer days at the beach must sound really good with the winter weather pounding the UK.

Peg said...

What a lovely few days with the grands! And what a perfect sewing box to keep things handy and be neat and tidy at the same time! Kudos to your hubby!

Flying Blind... said...

You need to go away more often ;)

Lorraine said...

I like your challenge! And, I know those little dears had a special time with you!

I remember seeing those sewing chests. I think my mom might have had one. Nice!

Just a little something from Judy said...

You deserve to have a sewing chest like the one he bought for you. I know my mother had one for all the years when she used to sew our clothing. I can just imagine how beautifully organized it will be when you are through with it.

Cutest little ones you have!