Sunday, 13 May 2012

Ercol Day bed

I just went through past posts to find this first photo...I then looked at the date April 2009 I couldn't believe it had been 3 years ago! When my husband came in I asked him how long he thought we had had this sofa, he replied 18 months so we had a good laugh when I explained that it had actually been double that time. Well we bought it as a project and it is the last photo below that keeps me focused that it may at some point be finished. Some time back we bought a blind for our cloakroom, it stood waiting for a few months and so I took to laying it across the toilet seat so in order to use the toilet the blind needed lifting off...that week the blind got fitted:) The problem is this sofa is too big to fit in our cloakroom but after a few prompts it is now ready to fit the webbing across the frame and then to search for the best deal in foam for the seating and back cushions for me to cover. Hopefully it wont take another 3 years. 


Flying Blind... said...

I am about as excited about this as you are!!

Susan Bryce said...

Hi, how did you strip the daybed? Sue