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Thursday, 31 March 2011


Back last summer I told I blogged about our trip to see out daughter and her family in South Africa. Her and her husband run a charity for Aids orphans. While we were there we visited a cottage on a farm that they were hoping to move to and last September they did just that.
when she was very young my daughter always wanted to be a farmer...she loved to wear her big black wellies everywhere...she didnt want little coloured boots like other children because she wanted to look like a farmer! Well now she is living on her little farm with her own chickens, some ducks and a pig. Visit her blog here 
For some reason while I am writing this I cant actually see the photos that I have added to this post...seem to be still having problems with posting. Would like to write about the photos but cant see them to do that!


Stephanie said...

Blogger can be a pain at times. I commend your daughter for following her dreams. She's doing such a wonderful thing and when doing what we love we're also very happy.

Just a little something from Judy said...

Isn't it interesting that God places ideas in our hearts long before we might even understand the "whys" of those thought processes? Here she is doing what she always wanted to do in a little place in the country. What a blessing they are to those they work with and care for. Thanks for sharing their blog again with us and their farm in the country.

Val said...

What an awesome thing for your daughter to do. Her little house reminds me of our little hunting cabin. (hers is nicer though). I am so glad that there are special people in the world like this. I am praying for her. I know you have to be so proud.