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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Our lovely daughter is arriving from South Africa on Saturday...hopefully, if the snow doesn't cause any hold ups! They have to leave the country every six months for visa reasons. her husband has just been over fundraising and as they cant afford to bring the boys over (they need visas a well as flights)  they had to come separately so there is always one of them home to care for the children. They now have a 14 yr old girl living with them called Cindi, she is an orphan and has become part of the family. We met her when we were over in the summer and hopefully when they come back in June Cindi will be able to come with them. Vashti will be visiting our other daughter in Devon for a few days, they havent seen each other for over a year!




Flying Blind... said...

I really hope the snow doesn't cause too much disruption to your daughter's plans. Global warming, pah!

Needled Mom said...

It will be wonderful to have her home for a visit. I hope the weather has no impact on her travels.

How nice to have Cindi with them. I am sure she appreciates it as much as they do. It would be fun for her to come visit.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for travel ease and safety and a happy reunion among all of you!

Val said...

I hope that they have a safe and happy trip.