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Friday, 16 October 2009

Launch of the first Orphans House

Yesterday saw the launch of Project O's first zero carbon footprint, 100% self sufficient orphans home.There is a wind turbine to generate electricity. Two of President Jacob Zuma's daughters arrived to help with the launch. A cow was slaughtered and barbiqued and lots of vistors and television camara's were there too. A helicoptor was there to take guests and very important little boys up and over the valley for a better view.

The house

Zulu dancers

Our daughter and some guests

The village chief, Gugu Zuma and Martin our SIL

One of the quad bikes which are used to deliver food and clothing to the orphans living in remote areas

Check out the handbags!

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Just a little something from Judy said...

So very interesting. How special that someone took the initiative to create something so efficient as this Orphan's House. Thank you for sharing it. Does it daughter work with the organization?