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Friday, 15 May 2009

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Next Thursday is a very exciting day, Vashti, Martin, Joseph & Jesse arrive and are staying in the Uk for 7 weeks. We haven't seen them for nearly 8 months! On Friday I will be travelling down to Devon with them to stay with Andy, Amy, Primrose & Maggie, can't wait to have all my Grandchildren together!!

Today's my birthday so my husband and I went to Windsor for the day. Weather was a little dull but we had a lovely time, had a wander around the shops and had lunch in a little Italian restaurant. Windsor has some lovely old buildings as well as WIndsor Castle. We drove back through the little town on Eton, where the historic Eton College is situated
Today is also my daughter in law, Alice's birthday, and she is 21! so tomorrow we will go into London to meet up with Alice and Dominic, our other son Ben and all Alice's family and go to eat at Carluccio's. So now that I have my new camara I will hopefully get some photo's to add to these I took today


Just a little something from Judy said...

Lindsey, Happy Birthday to you!! How special that you and your husband got to go to Windsor for the day. The pictures are beautiful! So much history and artisitic architecture. I am excited that you have your camera because I do enjoy pictures from a land that I never visited. Also, how much fun you will have being with all of your grandchildren again. That is one wonderful gift. Hope you all have a great time together.

Vashti said...

YeaH happy birthday! cant wait to see you.

Needled Mom said...

Happy birthday!!! It sounds like it was a wonderful day. We loved Windsor. We lived in Epsom, Surrey and traveled to Windsor to visit the charm of the village.

I know that you will enjoy having all of the grandchildren together. It will be so much fun for everyone and what a nice visit they will have. Memories will definitely be made.